Breathe – William Trubridge

Awe-inspiring… The more I watch this video, the more I find myself mesmerized by the sheer audacity, dedication, discipline, and focus that is so evident in this diver. Though I don’t know him personally, this video speaks volumes about him and stirs a deep respect in me for the kind of person I can imagine that he’d be.
I can envision him training day in and day out for this one moment in time. The lonely, cold hours he must have spent diving deep and doing nothing else but focusing on his breathing and perfecting his form.
I’ve come to believe that in life, a lot of what we do is just that, living life daily all the while endeavoring to improve our form and attempting each day to do it just a little better, to go a little deeper, to climb a little higher.
In all of this our journey, let’s not forget to breathe…